A Big, Big Thanks to Everyone Supporting Me

I want to thank every person so much for their support and for believing in me. Being imprisoned as a murderer when I am not a murderer is worse than any nightmare I ever could have imagined, and knowing that so many good people know that I did not kill anyone gives me the strength to continue. I put most of my energy in trying to talk about problems with imprisonment itself because if I see something wrong, I cannot look the other way. It seems that you cannot either.

As more and more months pass, I am becoming more and more scared, each day is getting very hard to make it through. At least once everyday I have to stop, breath deeply, and think of each of you, who bravely stand up for me while I cannot stand up for myself. Thank you for being my voice. I cannot tell you how much I regret listening to my lawyers and not speaking out and getting on that stand and screaming as loud as I could.

I wish I could buy an endless amount of stamps and write everyone, but I can’t. So I’m doing what I know how to do, and that is trying to give back by breaking the silence and distance between the justice system and our communities, by trying to ‘pay it forward’ and be a voice for all of the people in here who have no voice, like you have done for me.

It seems like everything to do with the justice/penal system is a big, complicated mess, my case included.

I want my life back more than anything. Everyday and night I wish that the person responsible for the crime I am convicted of would do the right thing and come forward. I wish that any of the people who know the truth would come forward.But I realize that’s probably never going to happen. And I also realize that each of you caring for and supporting me through this has saved me, if not from imprisonment then from losing my faith in humanity. So thank you, so very much.

9 comments on “A Big, Big Thanks to Everyone Supporting Me

  1. Praying for you to get the answers needed that will set you free Nyki

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  3. Hang in there Nyki. We are still watching developments and thinking about you.

  4. Terri says:

    So very proud of you! Stay strong honey. We love you and believe in you…always have, always will.

  5. Mike Wiesner says:

    Nyki, I cannot begin to imagine how you survive day to day. Let your innocence be your strength, and you wonderful family be your pillar.

  6. Matt says:

    It is an understatement to say that you are worth supporting. My visits with you were so uplifting. You have many talents and make the world a better place. I listen to your music regularly and used your poem as a template to wrote poems about you, Toria and your mom. Now, the lawyers need to get the appeal filed and argue your case. Anyone that meets you knows that you are innocent and the facts prove it.

  7. We are here for you Nyki and care about you a great deal. You have immense courage and strength. We believe in you. Melissa

  8. Stuart Lyster says:

    You never know how strong you are until strong is all you have. Hang in!

  9. shawna says:

    i wish they would come forward to beautiful. i pray the love of God compels them to come forward, it would not be the first time it happened… i stand on a testimony of a man who had such a thing happen to provide his freedom!!!!

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